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Worcestershire Organ Donation Committee does it again

Michael and Elizabeth Amies, with the amazing work of garden designer Ruth Gwynn (pictured with yours truly), have won a Gold Medal for their Show Garden 'A Gift of Life' at the RHS Malvern Spring Festival. IMG_6357


The garden presents a choice. Can we donate - 'No' takes you down a metal corridor that eventually boots you out of the garden!

Yes takes you to the central gift - featured above.

A Showcase of Initiatives and Activity from the Midlands

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 21.40.49
Midlands Update December 2012
If you want to know what the Midlands is up to just click on the link above, for a short pdf talk by me.

On the 28th November the Midlands showcased its initiatives and activity at our biannual Regional Collaborative.

Just look at this agenda to show the energy of the Organ Donation Committees in the Midlands:
Welcome, Programme Outline and Update, Dr Dale Gardiner, Regional CLOD, Midlands and Susan Richards, Regional Manager
Donor Case Study Dr John Hawkins, CLOD, Stafford Hospital
Military Patients CDM Considerations for Military Potential Organ Donors Cathy Miller & Elaine Holyday, SNODs, QEHB
National Donor Recognition Plan Dr Dale Gardiner, Regional CLOD, Midlands
Using Twitter to Raise Awareness of OD Julian Hull, CLOD, HEFT
Using Donor Stories within your Hospital Trust Carol Donaldson, Donor Mum to Maximise Public Promotion Louise Hubner, SNOD, RDH
Using Recipient Stories within your Hospital Diana Higman, Liver Recipient Trust to Maximise Public Promotion Louise Hubner, SNOD, RDH and Katie Fox, SNOD, UHNS
Survey Monkey Findings
Setting up Organ Donation Web Page Jacqui Watkeys, Head of Library and Knowledge Services & Emma Perks, E-Developer, WHC Trust
Dudley Council and NHSBT Partnership Steve Walthro, DCC, RHH and Zeeshan Asghar, Partnership Development Manager, RHH and Becky Timmins, SNOD, RHH
Timely Identification and Referral of Potential Dr Paul Murphy, National CLOD Organ Donors Strategy Launch

The majority of these talks are available in the Professional Section of this website (log in required).

Wow, great stuff, and thank you for everyone who attended and presented.

The organ Donor Taskforce set a target of a 50% increase in organ donors over 5 years - finish date for the five years is the 31st March 2013. The Midlands is on track to meet this target! That is something we should all be proud of.

Organ Donation Through a Lens Competition

The NHSBT “Organ Donation Through a Lens Competition’ films are available on YouTube.

Direct Link HERE

All very inspiring, especially James and Carol’s Story (but I would say that - Carol is on my Organ Donation Committee).

I hope NHSBT make a DVD available for promotion work, and make it available soon. Most hospitals ban YouTube, and even if they don’t, broadband speed is too slow for practical use. A DVD would also allow the films to be shown in schools and other community places.

I am also aware that every time I hear a donor family, or recipient story, that isn’t recorded, an opportunity has been lost. Perhaps we need to create a bank of these stories?

BBC One: The Big Questions

This was ever so slightly a bigger media debut than I had desired! Together with Gurch and Sue (Donor Mum) I hope our message, that donation is about donors and their families, was clear to all.

I also hope we were quite forceful in opposing the disrespectful word ‘harvest’, to describe organ donation.

Screen Shot 2012-02-19 at 16.25.44

Though I disagree with Prof Dawkins about many things, his strong endorsement of donor cards was, in my opinion, the most important public service he has done in a long time. Well done Prof Dawkins, words I thought I would never say.

Screen Shot 2012-02-19 at 20.42.38

Click HERE to go to BBC iplayer to watch.

Other highlights for me were the exchange between Sue and Amy (awaiting lung transplant). Though the last stages of the show highlighted a more extreme anti-donation view, I hope that the reaction from those watching, would be the converse, and encourage a more moderate approach.

At least I didn’t disgrace myself, I had told my wife we were returning to Australia if I did!